Planning for you next corporate eventA great company event can pay big dividends in improving morale among employees and forging new relationships with your organization’s stakeholders. Carving out the necessary time for planning a successful event can be challenging when you and your staff are already working full-time to grow the business. Here are some tips for tackling the project in the most strategic way, so no one staffer feels like they’re bearing the brunt of the planning process.

First, gather your team together and come to a consensus on the basics. What is the objective of the event? Who should be in attendance? When will it be held and what is the budget?

In almost every organization, there is one person who stands out as having a special knack for planning events. Resist the urge to place the lion’s share of preparation into this person’s lap. It’s best to get every employee involved in some way, and developing a set of committees is the best way to accomplish this.

Play to each team members’ individual strengths by assigning them to groups such as public relations, food and beverage, presentations and logistics. Then, encourage these committees to seek out resources that will help save time and money.

Your local special events rental company can be an invaluable resource for your gathering. You will find virtually everything you need in one place to pull off your event professionally and in style, from tents to table and chairs, and even audio/visual equipment for your presentations. Your rental company staff can also help you develop a memorable theme, and even point you toward other resources, such as catering companies. Before you stop in for a visit to your event rental showroom, allow your fingers to do the walking through their rental catalog. You’ll likely come up with new ideas and special details you hadn’t thought of.

When it’s time to publicize your event, let technology make quick work of this task. Use your company’s website, social media sites, and client email lists to keep invitees apprised of the event and set up a schedule for reminders and response deadlines.

With the holiday season behind us, and the busy vacation season yet to come, the next few months are the ideal time to plan for a well-attended corporate event. And the time to start planning is today!